once upon a time appreciation week
day 2: Favorite Relationship | Captain Swan

I’d go to the end of the world for heror time


Colin’s reaction when people bring up Emma in interviews (✿◠‿◠)

Jennifer Morrison starts singing ‘Let it go’ during interview

"nobody’s listening to me."


look at them. i feel personally victimized.


look at them. i feel personally victimized.



The fact that Colin O’Donoghue ships Hook and Emma SO hard is honestly the cutest fucking thing ever. 

I mean can you just look at this gif please? Is your OTP shipped THIS hard by one of the people actually IN it?


Jennifer & Colin benig the cutest thing to ever happen at San Diego Comic Con, 26 July 2014.

Is there a moment coming up in the next season that you can’t wait for the fans to see?


In which Jen is the biggest CS shipper out there [x]

"For Hook, it’s a big deal for him to realize that he can love again and that he could find somebody that he was willing to give up the whole vendetta for. He’s also a pirate and still Captain Hook, so he has to deal with that; hundreds of years of living as this person and trying to become somebody that he feels could be worthy of Emma."
— Colin O’Donoghue, Seat42F interview (via gentlesleaze)

it was really really fun and I felt like I got initiated into the world of the Enchanted Forest.